Damaged Blue Fontaine Uncut Sheet Raffle!

For the first time we are doing a raffle!

For a long time, we have had this damaged uncut sheet of a Blue Fontaine deck that we never felt great about selling because of its condition, but every time we mentioned it, people would ask us to do something with it, so we decided to give it away at a raffle, so anybody has a fair chance to win it, we are offering 1 opportunity for each product you buy at the store until July 15 2019 , when we will reveal who is the winner of the raffle!


The uncut sheet has some slight bumps and 1 cut (as shown in the pictures) but other than that its in perfect condition to be hanged on your wall (it could be repaired with some glue and patience).




On top of that we have launched our latest deck the Axolotl deck and our now famous mystery decks! with an excellent free shipping promotion! 

So don't waste this opportunity! get some decks and a chance to win this unique item!

Good luck!


*Raffle tickets will be added to our list automatically and posted for everyone to see on July 15 2019.