Axolotl Close up Pad - AoS design

Axolotl Close up Pad - AoS design

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Handcrafted in Mexico this pad measures 17x12 inches and its made with a beautiful black velvet that matches the color of the box of our deck, the design its that of the ace of spades of our deck, the most representative part of it. The bottom is covered in faux calf leather in a complimentary black color. This pad is elegant and bold. This is the perfect tool for magic in the right hands.

The velvet surface its stain resistant and the faux leather is also very resistant to liquids so its wood core will be very well protected. This low-maintenance Pad just as our deck its made to last you a long time.

We made this close up pad in collaboration with our friends from Aeon Magic (@Aeonmagic on instagram).


*Please allow up to 15 working days to elaborate your pad.